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Real Estate Salesperson Licensing

NJ Real Estate License | Signature Real Estate School of NJ

To work as a real estate salesperson in New Jersey, you need to receive a real estate license. This process includes classwork and an exam. At Signature Real Estate School of NJ, we offer online real estate courses. Currently, all our classes are conducted via Zoom due to COVID-19 concerns.

Taking the Next Step to Broker

If you would like to expand your real estate knowledge to include office management and ethics, our 150-hour broker course is for you. Call us at (908) 345-2011 for pricing for this more in-depth course of study.

Our Approach

Our instructional approach focuses on real-life situations explained by an instructor. Using real-world examples, we can help you remember the law and its applications. We bring in specialists such as attorneys and mortgage reps to add their perspectives

What’s Included

We provide 75 hours of instruction (as required for NJ real estate license courses), two school exams, a book and registration for licensing. Participants can also sign up for extra classes if they need extra help.

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Working as a real estate salesperson can be a rewarding career. Enroll with the Signature Real Estate School of NJ today to get started on the path to obtaining your real estate license.